Providing clients with flexible training options is an important selling feature. How does your training fit into their schedule? How can you offer a convenient, seamless experience that doesn’t interfere with an already jam-packed calendar? Easy. Virtual training.

Virtual training allows you to retain current clients and opens your business up to a sea of potential customers that you otherwise may not have had access to. It can limit the number of paused subscriptions, save money on a physical location, and cut costs on travel time for both you and your client. You no longer need to rely on whoever lives near your studio to meet your bottom line.

Maybe Jane is a new mom and can only get her reps in while the little one’s asleep? Is John a businessman living in and out of hotels for work? Or did your most consistent client decide to go on a months-long hiatus to a Mexican beach to “find herself”? Don’t worry. You can still provide them with the same exceptional service they have come to expect from face-to-face visits, now online.

Download our brochure of tips and tricks on how to provide one-on-one training virtually. Ultimately, fitting into your client’s schedule can make your business stand out.

With Studio’s self-onboarding flow, you can explore the platform with or without the help of our team, who’s ready to answer any questions. Get a full view of the software from a staff, team and member perspective—and discover how you want to tailor the experience to your studio.

Onboard quickly and easily

An easier, more intuitive experience

We’re fierce defenders of your time—that’s why we provide a world-class platform that makes the basics easy. And if you need help at any point, our team is available 24/7.

A better experience for you, your staff, and your clients

Download the Playbook! 

Tips to Lead One-On-One Virtual Personal Training


The novel coronavirus outbreak of 2020 has changed the way we conduct business; there is no more normal, just the new normal. It has given many business owners time to think about their daily operations, as well as what's working and what can be improved to reduce community transmission. 

You’re familiar with personal training by appointment at your business, but now that COVID-19 has driven you to shut down your physical facility for the time being, you have had to navigate a new order of operations. 

Some businesses have pivoted to new strategies to thrive—and not just survive—in this era, but others have faced financial loss and had to shut their doors altogether. So, can you be a virtual personal trainer, and provide your clients the same exceptional service they’ve come to expect even when you are apart?


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