This internationally renowned expert is a founding team member of the revolutionary TRX® training company and an award-winning presenter featured at conferences and events worldwide, including an appearance on the TEDx stage. Fraser combines an animated, entertaining style with his knowledge and gift to motivate and inspire. His provocative presentations have been known to stretch the minds of his audiences and provide relevant and effective training solutions in a practical setting.

For over ten years, Miguel has been a key factor at TRX®. Whether teaching classes at the flagship San Francisco studio or presenting in front of hundreds of athletes at trade shows worldwide, Miguel delivers the ultimate TRX® physical and educational experience. When Miguel is not in front of a class, he is either behind the camera, shooting the latest and greatest TRX® digital content, or working with the TRX® education team to help meet the ever-evolving demands of the fitness community.  When he takes his work hat off, Miguel plays with his two kiddos, enjoys the pool, or goes wherever the day takes him. 

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4 Steps to Creating a Successful Online Coaching Business

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Angela Gargano
5X Ninja Warrior, 
Miss Fitness America 2016

Angela Gargano is a fierce athlete, coach, international fitness model, and speaker.

Before becoming a full-time multi-passionate entrepreneur, Angela worked as a biochemist at Brown University. Since throwing in the lab coat and goggles in 2013, she opened her own gym in Cranston, Rhode Island. Angela has truly lived multiple lives in the athletic and entrepreneurial space, defying odds and setbacks to become an authentic and relatable voice to the public eye.

Angela has now competed on American Ninja Warrior 4x, won the Title of Miss Fitness America 2016, and created an online fitness empire for women called Strong Feels Good, where she teaches women to ditch the scale and focus on strength and feeling as a way to measure progress.

She has also helped over 500 women conquer their pull-ups with her online program, Pull-up Revolution. Angela’s mission is to revolutionize the way people feel about their bodies through identifying their inner strength and embracing the powerful body and mind that they have been gifted.

Her vision? To continue to expand the Strong Feels Good Community, speak at large events to spread her message and work with conscious, authentic brands who feel the same - the ones who truly want to help and impact the lives of their end consumer.

What You'll Learn

Angela will take you through her personal journey and tell you about what NOT to do so you can avoid those missteps and be successful.

  • How to get leads using social media 
  • Creating & Cultivating Community
  • How to get clients into your 1:1 Coaching Program
  • Finding the passion in your coaching business while staying consistent and avoiding burnout

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4 Steps to Creating a Successful Online Coaching Business

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