This internationally renowned expert is a founding team member of the revolutionary TRX® training company and an award-winning presenter featured at conferences and events worldwide, including an appearance on the TEDx stage. Fraser combines an animated, entertaining style with his knowledge and gift to motivate and inspire. His provocative presentations have been known to stretch the minds of his audiences and provide relevant and effective training solutions in a practical setting.

For over ten years, Miguel has been a key factor at TRX®. Whether teaching classes at the flagship San Francisco studio or presenting in front of hundreds of athletes at trade shows worldwide, Miguel delivers the ultimate TRX® physical and educational experience. When Miguel is not in front of a class, he is either behind the camera, shooting the latest and greatest TRX® digital content, or working with the TRX® education team to help meet the ever-evolving demands of the fitness community.  When he takes his work hat off, Miguel plays with his two kiddos, enjoys the pool, or goes wherever the day takes him. 

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Fraser Quelch

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ChatGPT for Personal Trainers: 
Unlocking the Future of Personal Training with AI

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Dr. Ted Vickey
Founder CEO of FitWell LLC

Dr. Ted Vickey, a renowned health and fitness expert, is the Founder and CEO of FitWell. With over 30 years of experience, he has worked with diverse companies, from startups to established businesses in the health, fitness, and wellness sector, leveraging technology to enhance their customers' lives.

Dr. Vickey's extensive expertise extends beyond corporate strategy. He was an expert witness for Meta in the FTC vs. Meta federal case, becoming one of the first federal fitness expert witnesses. He has also served the White House Athletic Center and various high-profile clients, including The Department of Commerce and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Apart from his corporate endeavors, Dr. Vickey holds academic and research positions at esteemed institutions like Point Loma Nazarene, Tulane, and the University of San Francisco. His teaching style blends real-world experience with traditional academia.

He has been featured in prominent media outlets, including CNET, CNN, Men’s Health, Reuters, and The New York Times. Additionally, Dr. Vickey is a TEDx speaker and a published author specializing in fitness technology and related topics.

As a researcher, he excels in evaluating scientific literature and communicating research findings on fitness technology, disruptive health technologies, and fitness entrepreneurship. Dr. Vickey's vast knowledge and expertise have made him a sought-after speaker at prestigious events worldwide.

Step into the future of fitness with our electrifying webinar, tailored exclusively for our TrueCoach Coaching and Personal Training community. In this session, Dr. Ted Vickey will unleash the incredible potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing your training approach.
What you'll learn:
  • ChatGPT Unveiled: Meet ChatGPT, your workout wizard! Learn its benefits and limitations in crafting exercise plans and nutrition guidance.
  • Power-Up Your Training: Discover AI's real impact! Personalize workouts, recommend meals, and boost client communication with ChatGPT.
  • AI Integration Made Simple: Seamlessly blend AI into training! Select tools, ensure privacy, and strike the perfect human-AI balance.
  • Real AI Success Stories: Get inspired! Learn from real-world cases and implement AI like a pro in your training services!

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ChatGPT for Personal Trainers: 
Unlocking the Future of Personal Training with AI

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